Bridges can be used to replace missing teeth if there are teeth on either side of the missing tooth.

The two teeth are prepared for crowns, then a dental technician can fabricate a bridge with the missing tooth attached to the two crowns. This is all made in one piece to look like three separate teeth.

Depending on the difficulty of the situation it will take a minimum of 90 minutes in a dental chair to prepare the teeth for a bridge. An impression (mould) is taken of the prepared teeth and sent to a Dental Technician.

Two weeks later the dentist takes about 30 minutes to cement in the bridge. Your new bridge should last for approximately ten years as long as the supporting teeth stay healthy. The procedure is explained in the video below.

Bridges are one way of replacing a missing tooth if the two teeth on either side of the missing teeth are strong enough. With the invention of implants it is not advisable to make a bridge unless one of the supporting teeth requires a crown anyway.

The patient below presented with a broken down back molar and a missing first molar. This was causing the upper and lower teeth to start drifting apart, changing her bite. This also starts placing more pressure on the front teeth, causing them to wear as they are now used for chewing.

During treatment the back molar had to be reconstructed to remove all decay and fractures.