Children’s Dentistry

You are setting your children up for success by ensuring that they learn about good dental hygiene very early in life. That gives us the chance to put into practice defensive dental routines that keep your child protected from dental and oral disease. With the most current technologies and tools we are able to stay abreast to the developments in dentistry for children. Through the aid of these tools and developments, we can better detect and treat diseases and remain concentrated on prevention.

Many children’s first experience with a dentist happens at an office focused exclusively on adult care. Dental care in this environment is often intimidating and frightening for kids. This first impression can create anxiety and avoidance of the dentist that will last a lifetime.

Our goal is to help your children feel comfortable and carefree when visiting us. While focusing on brushing, flossing, cleaning and checking we can equip them with skills to prepare them for a lifetime of good oral hygiene. In an environment that is geared towards their interests, we strive to provide your children with a positive dental experience. And most of all focus on your children having beautiful smile.

We designed our clinic’s to make your child feel safe, calm and carefree. From watching their favorite movie during treatment, to toys in the waiting room, we have strived to create an atmosphere that leaves a lasting, positive memory. We have handpicked a staff that is passionate about your child’s comfort and care.

Some Videos For Your Child

No Drilling Laser Techniques

Topsy and Tim Meet the Dentist

Ed Meets the Dentist

Fun at the Dentist

Going to the Dentist

Dudley Visits the Dentist