Computerised Photo Imaging

Snap Digital Imaging Software

It’s not easy committing to a cosmetic procedure when you’re not sure what the end results will look like. But we at Starsmiles Dental have a solution that’s designed to take the worry about of cosmetic dentistry.

It’s called Snap Digital Cosmetic Imaging Software—or Snap for short. Snap is a quick and easy tool that lets us show you a before and after image of your smile so that you can make the best possible decision.

We can even print off a high-quality, professional photograph for you to take home and show to your friends and family members. Having a chance to talk over such a major decision with loved ones can be a key part of deciding what’s ultimately best for you.

Showing patients what their future smile could look like following a cosmetic procedure takes just minutes and can be completed in just three steps:

Step 1 – We will photograph your smile with our digital camera, which we’ll then connect to the Snap software via USB.

Step 2 – With our camera hooked up to the Snap software, we can make changes to your smile to reflect how porcelain veneers, a teeth whitening procedure, or any other cosmetic dentistry service will alter it.

Step 3 – Finally, we will print off a before-and-after photograph that you can take with you. This photo will include all our contact information should you decide to proceed with our recommendations.

Before   After
Before                             After

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